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5/19/15 - Buena Park - Vote NO on "MEASURE A!" - See More Info

6/2/15 - Thousand Oaks City Council Special Election - Vote for ROB McCOY!

5/19/15 - LA Unified Elections – Vote for LYDIA GUITERREZ for Dist 7
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5-19-15 Special Election – Buena Park’s Measure A
Robyn strongly recommends VOTING NO on Measure A!

OC Reg of Voters Info - Turning In Your Ballot
Vote-by-Mail Ballots only. (No voting at the polls for this election.)
  • Completed ballots can be mailed
  • Completed ballots can be dropped off at the Buena Park City Hall on May 19, between 8 am and 8 pm.
Measure A is so flawed that its opposition comes from across the political spectrum.

This list of those who oppose Measure A includes:
  • Conservative state legislators and OC Supervisors
  • the OC Republican Party
  • the OC Register
  • current and past Buena Park City Council members
  • the Buena Park School District Governing Board
  • Democrat Senator Tony Mendoza.
Conservative Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson OPPOSES Measure A

OC Supervisor Nelson: “As someone who represents and who grew up in the City of Buena Park, I am very concerned about the consequences of having such a misleading, poorly-written and flawed measure enacted into law. It will negatively affect the lives and livelihood of Buena Park residents and business owners.”

“After reviewing Measure A, I’ve concluded that it would not only impose a costly and unreasonable requirement for development, but constitutes a clear infringement on the rights of private property owners. It would clearly be disruptive and detrimental to any efforts to improve Buena Park’s economy. I urge voters to vote no on Measure A.”

Conservative Assemblywoman Young Kim and OC Supervisor Michelle Steel
OPPOSE Buena Park Measure A

Assemblywoman Young Kim: “Voters should take the time to read this proposal. They will see as I did that this is a poorly written proposal that will costs taxpayers plenty, and won’t do anything to improve quality of life in the city. It’s not even clear what Measure A intends to address, since there are no proposals before the City to develop over city parks.”

OC Supervisor Michelle Steele: “Local government has the responsibility to make good land use decisions and make wise use of the taxpayer dollars. Measure A takes these decisions out of the hands of the City Council, and because of flaws in Measure A, could require extra citywide elections for proposals as simple as a concession stand at a park, or a greenhouse under power lines. All these elections will cost taxpayers, just like Measure A itself has cost residents over $200,000… money which would have been better spent on parks, public safety or traffic improvements.”

OC Republican Party unanimously votes to OPPOSE Measure A, 4/23/15,,
"The Republican Party of Orange County’s Central Committee has voted unanimously to endorse a “No” position on Measure A."

Fred Whitaker, Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County:
“As we looked carefully at this proposal and weighed the pros and cons, it very quickly became clear that there were several problems that would have very bad consequences for the City of Buena Park if it were approved.”

“Not only is it a terrible waste of City and taxpayer resources to hold this special election, let alone the elections that would have to take place if Measure A passed, but the utter disregard for private property owners rights to do what they wish with their own property is appalling.”

“As Republicans and good fiscal stewards of the public’s resources, as defenders of private property rights, and as citizens who want to see good public policy enacted in our cities, we strongly urge Buena Park Republican voters to vote NO on Measure A.”

Republican Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff OPPOSES Measure A, 4/9/15

Bob Huff: “The City of Buena Park is a great place to live and raise a family, has a well-regarded city government and is a great place to run a business. I am proud to represent the City in Sacramento and I am very concerned about what I have learned about Measure A. If the authors of this ill-conceived and badly written proposal have their way, the taxpayers of Buena Park will be on the hook to pay for citywide elections to decide issues that the City Council should be deciding.”

“Moreover, this measure would have a chilling effect on potential new development in the City, which would cost jobs to Buena park citizens and revenue for the city. A measure as badly written and unpredictable as this, as stated by the city’s own analysis, should be rejected. And I strongly urge voters to vote no on Measure A.”

OC Register OPPOSES Measure A
“Reject Buena Park anti-growth measure,” 2/16/15

Democrat Senator Tony Mendoza OPPOSES Measure A:

Senator Mendoza: “After reviewing Measure A, it is clear that this proposal is poorly drafted, has questionable aims and motives and is too much of a risk for Buena Park. As a former councilmember and Mayor of Artesia, I know how important it is for cities to have a good, workable land use and approval process. The City of Buena Park already has one that works. Ballot box planning can be very damaging. That’s why I am opposed to Measure A.”

“Also, when you consider the tremendous cost to taxpayers for this special election, and the costs of future elections if it is approved, along with the uncertainty of binding the city to such a badly written ballot measure, Buena Park residents simply have too much to lose. Measure A deserves to be beaten and I urge Buena Park voters to vote no on Measure A.”

Text of the Measure A, Analysis, Arguments in Favor and Against Measure A