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5/19/15 - Buena Park - Vote NO on "MEASURE A!" - See More Info

6/2/15 - Thousand Oaks City Council Special Election - Vote for ROB McCOY!

5/19/15 - LA Unified Elections – Vote for LYDIA GUITERREZ for Dist 7
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Orange County - Robyn's Voter Recommendations - Printable
Updated 11/02/14
Includes Robyn's Recommendations for:
Statewide Constitutional Offices, Judges, and State Propositions
O.C. - County Races and County Measures
O.C. - City Races and City Measures

Explanation of 2012's Prop 14 - “Top Two Candidates Open Primary Act”
No third party candidates and No write-in options for:
State or federal legislative offices and state constitutional offices.



Robyn consulted numerous sources/advisors in the process of making her recommendations. Some of the candidates on her recommendation list are excellent. Some, however, are simply better than the opponent. Her recommendations do not imply support for every position, statement or behavior of a candidate.

Proposition 1: NO
Proposition 2: YES
Proposition 45: NO
Proposition 46: NO
Proposition 47: NO
Proposition 48: NO


Robyn’s Recommendation: Either leave this office blank or vote for Neel Kashkari.

Both Republican Neel Kashkari and Democrat Jerry Brown are social liberals. Both support abortion and same-sex marriage. Both believe that it was appropriate for the state of California to not defend Proposition 8 in court. Governor Brown signed AB 1266, the “Boys in Girls Bathroom Bill.” Kashkari marched in the annual Gay Pride Parade in San Diego...

Kashkari is not a fiscal conservative. Having said that, Kashkari is more conservative than Brown on certain issues. Examples: They differ on implementing AB32 (the onerous global warming law), teacher tenure, pension reform, high speed rail, and other issues. See details and more examples below.

Compare some of the positions of Neel Kashkari and Jerry Brown here

Another comparison piece: Governor Hopefuls Agree On Some Key Issues," by Juliet Williams, AP, OC Register, 10/4/14.




Conlon is the best option in the race. (Conlon is liberal on social issues.)

There is no conservative in this race.
Republican Ronald Gold is more conservative than his ultra-liberal, Democratic opponent, Kamala Harris.

Compare some of the positions of Ron Gold and Harris here

TED GAINES - Website
Good guy; pretty solid voting record!


District 1: GEORGE RUNNER - Website

District 2: James E. Theis as the best option in the race

District 3: G. RICK MARSHALL - Website

District 4: DIANE HARKEY - Website

Both Tuck and Torlakson are Democrats. Marshall Tuck is more conservative than his opponent, Tom Torlakson. This is not a strong endorsement, simply a selection of the Democrat who appears to be the better choice.

Compare some of the positions of Tuck and Torlakson here



GOODWIN LIU - Robyn’s Recommendation - A Strong NO!
Judge Voter Guide also recommends a NO on Liu.

Liu’s views are so extremist, that the US Senate rejected President Obama’s nomination of Liu to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2011. Governor Brown then appointed Liu to the CA Supreme Court.

See Family Research Council’s comment on the radical views of Goodwin Liu/follow their links.
Excerpt: "This is a nominee who called for a filibuster against judicial nominees who rely on the text of the Constitution. Goodwin Liu may not believe the U.S. Constitution is binding, but certainly thinks foreign law is. At one point he said it was 'difficult to grasp' why international authority could not be imposed on U.S. soil. More info on Liu’s philosophy.

MARIANO-FLORENTINO CUELLAR - Robyn’s Recommendation – NO
Judge Voter Guide also recommends a NO on Cuellar.

Gov. Brown’s very liberal appointee, Cuellar, served in both the Clinton and Obama Administrations. While on the White House Domestic Policy Council, he managed the Obama administration’s efforts to repeal the military’s "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy. This article offers some insights.

According to the CA Pro Life Council:
"After his appointment to the State Supreme Court, Cuéllar accepted a board position with the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The foundation gives millions to Planned Parenthood and groups supporting abortion in California and internationally."

KATHRYN MICKLE WERDEGAR - Robyn's Recommendation – Vote NO or Leave the Office Blank

(I differ with Judge Voter Guide on this particular race, which recommends a Yes on Werdegar.)

Werdegar, a Wilson appointee, ruled against Prop 22. This created the opening for same-sex “marriages” in California in early 2008, which necessitated Prop 8. Additionally, she has ruled against religious freedom, property rights, and parental consent for abortion. Note-If she were actually removed from office (which is highly unlikely), Governor Brown would appoint her replacement. Based on his appointment of Justice Goodwin Liu, I would assume that any replacement would be equally bad or worse than Werdegar. A “NO” vote makes a statement of opposition.

(These same Appellate Justices also cover Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Imperial, and Inyo Counties.)

A "YES" vote is a vote to retain the justice.
A "NO" vote is a vote to remove the justice.
If a justice is repealed, our liberal Governor Jerry Brown will appoint the replacement.

Robyn’s recommendations below are in agreement with

Justice, California State Court of Appeal; District 4, Division 1
Alex C. McDonald – YES

Gilbert Nares – YES

Terry B. O’Rourke – YES

James A. McIntyre – YES

Justice, California State Court of Appeal; District 4, Division 2
Thomas E. Hollenhorst – YES

Justice, California State Court of Appeal; District 4, Division 3
David A. Thompson – YES

Richard M. Aronson – YES

Richard D. Fybel – NO

William F. Rylaarsdam – YES

Kathleen E. O’Leary – NO


Superior Court Judge; County of Orange; Office 14


Recommendations from Additional O.C. Conservative Voter Guides, see Robyn's Orange County Page


U.S. REPRESENTATIVES (Congressional Districts)

US Representative, District 38: Benjamin Campos - Website

US Representative, District 39: Ed Royce - Website - Facebook

US Representative, District 45: State Senator Mimi Walters - Website

US Representative, District 46: Recommendation for this race coming in early Oct.

US Representative, District 47: Andy Whallon (as the best option in the race)

US Representative, District 48: Dana Rohrabacher - Website

US Representative, District 49: Darrell Issa - Website


State Senate, District 32: Mario Guerra - Website

State Senate, District 34: Janet Nguyen - Website

State Senate, District 36: Pat Bates - Website


Assembly, District 55: LING LING CHANG - Website

Assembly, District 65: CONSERVATIVE YOUNG KIM - Website

This is my district. Please help us replace the liberal Democratic incumbent with Conservative Republican Young Kim!

(Liberal incumbent Sharon Quirk-Silva has major union support and is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and NARAL, Equality CA-the statewide LGBT Advocacy Organization, and a long list of liberal politicians. Shockingly, Quirk-Silva, as well as most other Democratic legislators in California, Voted Yes on AB 1266, the so-called "Boys in Girls Bathroom bill.") Details on the bill here

Assembly, District 68: Don Wagner - Website

Assembly, District 69: Recommendation for this race coming in early Oct.

Assembly, District 72: Travis Allen - Website

Assembly, District 73: William (Bill) Brough - Website

Assembly, District 74: Matthew Harper - Website - Facebook

Superior Court Judge, Office #14: Kevin Haskins - Excellent Candidate! - Website


Supervisor, 2nd District: Assemblyman Allan Mansoor! - Website

OC Supervisor John Moorlach has endorsed Assemblyman Allan Mansoor to replace himself on the Board of Supervisors. Moorlach says,

"One of my rare endorsements this election cycle is for Allan Mansoor. He was a Councilman and the Mayor of Costa Mesa before serving the 74th Assembly District in Sacramento. He is a former employee of the County of Orange and is intimate with its structure and functions. He has been a longtime stalwart on pension reform and paycheck protection." "He has a solid understanding of local issues"...

Supervisor, 5th District: - Robert Ming - Website
My Favorite Orange County Candidate!
Please contact the Ming campaign to see how YOU can help!


Assessor: Claude Parrish

Alphabetical by city

Aliso Viejo: David Harrington

Anaheim Mayor: Tom Tait

Anaheim City Council: James Vanderbilt only
I would “bullet vote” –strategically cast a vote for just one candidate. Bullet Voting increases a candidate’s chance of being elected.

(Please do NOT vote for ultra-liberal Jose F. Moreno)

Brea: Steve Vargas and Cecilia Hupp

Buena Park: Elizabeth Swift and Baron Night. For the 3rd seat - Steve Berry.

Costa Mesa: Jim Righeimer and Lee Ramos

Cypress: Jon Peat and Stacy Berry

Dana Point: John Tomlinson and Joe Muller

Fountain Valley: Mark McCurdy and Pat Tucker

Fullerton: This is my city.

1st choice: GREG SEBOURN!
(Greg’s Endorsements Include: Full. City Councilman Bruce Whitaker, Congressman Ed Royce, Howard Jarvis Tax Association and the OC GOP.) Greg’s a good guy – please ignore the union hit pieces on him.

2nd seat: LARRY BENNETT.
(Larry’s Endorsements Include: Congressman Ed Royce, the Lincoln Club of Orange County, and State Senator Bob Huff.)

(Please do NOT vote for Democrat Doug Chafee or Green Party Member Jane Rands)

Garden Grove Mayor:There is no good option in this race.
I would NOT vote for Bao Nguyen.

One option: leave this race blank. Another option-strategically vote for liberal Mayor Bruce Broadwater to keep Bao Nguyen out of office.

(Liberal Candidate Bao Nguyen is considered one of OC’s rising, young political stars and is far more likely to run for higher office than Broadwater. Bao is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and the OC Democratic Party and the Firefighters union.)

Garden Grove City Council:
Republican James Ybarra and Republican Phat Bui appear to be the best options in this race.

Huntington Beach: 1st choice: Erik Peterson! Also Lyn Semeta. Mike Posey.

Huntington Beach City Attorney: Michael Gates

Irvine Mayor: Steven Choi

Irvine: Lynn Schott and Jeffrey Lalloway

La Palma: Christine Barnes

Laguna Beach: Michelle Hall.
(based on recommendation from conservative

Laguna Niguel: John Mark Jennings and Elaine Gennawey

Laguna Woods: David Russell “Dro” Ohrn
(endorsed by Robert Ming, Mimi Walters, Pat Bates, Bill Morrow)

Lake Forest: Scott Voigts and Andrew “Drew” Hamilton.
3rd choice: David Bass

Mission Viejo: Ed Sachs and Greg Raths

Newport Beach, Seat 1: Diane Dixon, unopposed

Newport Beach, Seat 3: Duffy Duffield

Newport Beach, Seat, Seat 4: Kevin Muldoon

Newport Beach, Seat 6: Scott Peotter!

Orange Mayor: Teresa Smith (conservative Democrat)

Orange City Council: Fred Whitaker and Ray Grangoff

Placentia City Council: 1st choice: Chad Wanke. Also Craig S. Green

Rancho Santa Margarita: Brad McGirr, Mike Vaughn, AND Jerry Holloway

San Clemente: Tim Brown, Lori Donchak, and Kathy Ward.

San Juan Capistrano: Pam Patterson, Kerry Ferguson, and Derek Reeve

Santa Ana, Mayor: No recommendation. Just info:
Mark Lopez is a Republican.
Pulido and Reyna are Democrats.

Santa Ana; Ward 2: Rene Gomez

Santa Ana; Ward 4: No Recommendation.

Santa Ana; Ward 6: No recommendation. Just info:
Miguel Mike Gonzalez (Republican) has the endorsement of the OC Lincoln Club and Atlas PAC (I don’t know where he stands on social issues.)

(Fyi-DEMOCRAT Sal Tinajero is very LIBERAL and has the endorsement of the Democratic Party.)

Stanton: Bryan Palomares.
I would “bullet vote” – strategically cast a vote for just one candidate. Bullet Voting increases a candidate’s chance of being elected.

All the Stanton incumbents, including Shawver, support the Measure GG – the SALES TAX INCREASE.
IF passed, Measure GG will be very destructive to Stanton businesses and will penalize those who shop in Stanton.

Tustin: Vote for 1 - Al Murray

Villa Park (Robyn has no recommendation in this race.)
Here are Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly’s recommendations:

“Vote for NO MORE than 3. Early in the campaign season, I (Pauly) endorsed: Bill Nelson (also endorsed by the OC Register); Robert Collacott (also endorsed by the OC Register); and Stephen Miller. I am also very impressed by Karl Kreutziger. Any of these would be approachable, diligent and thoughtful representatives.”

Westminster Mayor: Tri Ta

Westminster City Council: Tyler Diep and Margie Rice
( as the best options in the race)

Yorba Linda: Jeffrey Decker - Facebook


Coast Community College Dist., Number 5: David Grant
(Based on recommendation by OC Supervisor John Moorlach)

Rancho Santiago Community College Dist.: Republican Trung Quang Nguyen

South Orange County Community College Dist., Number 4: Nancy Padberg


Anaheim Union High School Dist. 1: Maureen Christensen

Anaheim Union High School Dist. 2: Thomas “Hoagy” Holguin

Fullerton Joint Union High School Dist.: MJ NOOR only. - Website
I would “bullet vote” – strategically cast a vote for just one candidate. Bullet Voting increases a candidate’s chance of being elected.

Huntington Beach Union High School Dist.: Janis Mantini
(A knowledgeable conservative advisor from this area recommends Cathey Ryder and Duane Dishno as being the best of the other candidates.)


Capistrano Unified School District, Area 4: Craig Alexander! - Website
Craig’s Impressive Endorsement List
I’ve known Craig for years – he’s one of the really good guys! Unions are working hard to try to keep him out of office.

Capistrano Unified School District, Area 6: Ellen M Addonizio - Facebook

Capistrano Unified School District, Area 7: Julie Collier - Facebook

Irvine Unified School Dist.:
Conservative recommends: Steven Vu and Ira Glasky

Laguna Beach Unified School Dist.: 1st choice: Annette Gibson

(Fyi- A knowledgeable conservative advisor from this area recommends Dee Perry as the best other option.)

Los Alamitos Unified School Dist.: No recommendation at this time.

Newport-Mesa Unified School Dist.:
Area 1, Short Term: Steve Smith
Area 7: Walt Davenport (based on John Moorlach’s endorsement)

Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School Dist.: No recommendation in this race.

Orange Unified School Dist.:
Area 4: Larry Cohn (as best available option)
Area 5: Tim Surridge
Area 7: Rick Ledesma

Saddleback Valley, Unified School Dist.: CJ Brower
I would “bullet vote” –strategically cast a vote for just one candidate. Bullet Voting increases a candidate’s chance of being elected.

Santa Ana Unified School Dist.: Angie Rosario Cano
I would “bullet vote” –strategically cast a vote for just one candidate. Bullet Voting increases a candidate’s chance of being elected.

Unified School Dist.: Jonathan Abelove, Lynn Davis


Anaheim City School Dist.: There are no conservatives in this race; all are liberal. I suggest two voting strategies:
Option #1) Vote to keep the two most liberal candidates out of office.
(Acc. to my research, the two MOST LIBERAL candidates are: Ryan Ruelas and Jeff Cole.)

IF you want to follow Option #1, then Vote FOR Esther Castillo and Carlos Llanos. (Again, my research shows that Castillo and Llanos are liberal, but not as extreme as the other two.)

Option #2) OR just leave the office blank.

Centralia School Dist.: Irv Trinkle AND Henry Charoen

(Fyi– LIBERAL Democrats Art Montez and Connor Traut are both endorsed by the OC Democratic Party and Planned Parenthood.)

Cypress School Dist.: Lydia Sondhi and Sandra Lee

Fountain Valley School Dist.: Jim Cunneen and Sandra Crandall

La Habra City School Dist.: Kevin Jacobson
(Based on the recommendation from a knowledgeable conservative advisor in La Habra.)

Magnolia School Dist.: Forrest Turpen

Ocean View School Dist.: John Briscoe and Tracy Pellman
(as best options in race)

Westminster School Dist.: Khanh Nguyen

Water Districts;
Sanitation Districts
Parks & Rec

These are listed in alphabetical order.

Buena Park Library Dist.: Baron Night

Costa Mesa Sanitary Dist.: Strategically Only Vote for 2: Brian Peotter and Chuck Perry

East Orange Water Dist.: No recommendation in this race.

Irvine Ranch Water Dist.: Doug Reinhart and Steven Lamar

Mesa Water Dist.: Jim Atkinson

Moulton Niguel Water Dist.: No recommendation. Just info: recommends Larry Lizotte

Municipal Water District
Division 1: Brett Barbre
Division 5: David Ellis

Orange County Water Dist.
Division 1: Dina Nguyen (as best option)
Division 5: Steve Sheldon
Division 7: Shawn Dewane

Rossmoor Community Services Dist. Director: No recommendation

Santa Margarita Water Dist.: Justin McCusker and Saundra Frances

Serrano Water Dist.: Brad Reese

Silverado-Modjeska Recreation and Park Dist.: No recommendation

South Coast Water Dist: 1st choice: William (Bill) Green
Also Bob Moore


YES – Orange County Measure E
(OC Supervisors John Moorlach, Shawn Nelson, and Todd Spitzer recommend YES on E
See YES on E arguments

YES – Orange County Measure G
(YES on G is recommended by OC Supervisor John Moorlach, my favorite OC candidate, Robert Ming)
See YES on G arguments


NO on Measure H – Anaheim USD $249 Million BOND - Website

NO on Measure I – Fullerton Joint Union High School District $175 Million BOND
Editorial: No on Measures I, J, O.C. School Bonds, OC Register, 10-30-14

NO on Measure J – North OC Community College District $574 Million BOND
Official Argument Against Measure J

Editorial: No on Measures I, J, O.C. School Bonds, OC Register, 10-30-14

NO on Measure K – Orange USD $296 Million BOND - Website

NO on Measure L - Anaheim-Electing Council Members by Districts

Currently, Anaheim citizens are represented by all four members of the City Council and all four councilmembers need and are accountable to all voters. Measure L changes that to a district representation, which would reduce the number of city council members for whom you can vote, from 4 to only 1. For most residents, this would reduce your influence with any council member other than your one district council member. IF your council member does not share your worldview, you may not even be able to influence the votes of the single council member that you do have.

Important! More than $350,000 has been poured into the YES on Measures L and M campaign from organizations outside of Anaheim, from unions and progressive groups from San Francisco, Washington, DC, Los Angeles and Orange County. They clearly believe that the passage of Measure L will lead to a more liberal Anaheim City Council.

NO on Measure M – Anaheim
I could have gone either way on this measure Except That the same progressive organizations that are funding Measure L are also funding Measure M.

NO - Measure N – Anaheim

YES on Measure O – Costa Mesa

YES on Measure P – Costa Mesa
A “YES” vote supports the city council’s opposition to Toll Lanes on I-405.

Measure Q – Cypress
Robyn has no recommendation. John Moorlach recommends YES on Q

Measure R – Cypress
Robyn has no recommendation. John Moorlach recommends YES on R

NO on Measure S - Fountain Valley Transient Occupancy TAX

Measure T – Huntington Beach “Safe and Sane Fireworks”
(Robyn has no recommendation)
YES vote recommended by Matt Harper and Joe Carchio.

(Measure U was withdrawn)

YES on Measure V-Irvine

YES on Measure W – Irvine

Measure X – Lake Forest
No recommendation

Measure Y – Newport Beach
No Recommendation

Measure Z – RSM
No Recommendation

NO on Measure AA – Santa Ana Utility User’s TAX NO on Measure BB and NO on CC
BOTH BB and CC should be defeated--Medical Marijuana measures-Santa Ana

Measure DD – Seal Beach-No Recommendation

Measure EE – Seal Beach-No Recommendation

NO! on Measure GG – StantonGeneral SALES TAX - Website
Will hurt Stanton businesses and penalize residents.
OC Supervisor John Moorlach and Lincoln Club of Orange County oppose Measure GG

NO on Measure HH – Tustin
Increase in Hotel Room TAX

Measure II – Villa Park
“Safe and Sane Fireworks”
(Robyn has no recommendation)

No argument in favor of II was submitted to Reg of Voters. Councilwoman Deborah Pauly and several others are listed as OPPOSING II.

YES on Measure JJ – Yorba Linda

Orange County - Robyn's Voter Recommendations - Printable
Updated 11/02/14
Includes Robyn's Recommendations for:
Statewide Constitutional Offices, Judges, and State Propositions
O.C. - County Races and County Measures
O.C. - City Races and City Measures